Tuesday, August 2, 2016


I have been creating art for what feels like a long time - and while there are plenty of things I do well in that area, art is one place where I feel like I'm always learning.

There's always a new technique, a new medium to try, or a new subject matter to study.

I've had a hard time narrowing down my "specialty" because I just seem to love everything. I have always loved drawing and charcoal and graphite. In college I discovered a love for watercolor and typography. After graduation I got really into hand lettering and chalk board artistry. Recently I've moved into digitizing my art to sell it on Etsy as printables.

And as part of digitizing my artwork and creating a brand for myself, I was a little stumped as to what direction I should take to give my store a cohesive flow. It took a couple weeks, but I think I've got it. But then again, I don't necessarily like being locked into one category for forever, so we'll see what happens in the future.

But for now, I think I've settled on one area in particular - since most of my artwork has been revolving around it lately coincidentally. You know how that happens? I just looked back on my current pieces and saw a theme emerge without forcing it. And those are the best kinds of themes! The ones that happen organically!

So, having grown up in North Idaho and loving my mountains, I saw that was the perfect thing to expand on. Adventures. I love being outside. Camping, hiking, forests, trees, lakes, and rivers are all massive parts of my childhood that have extended into my adult life. And now I've added sandy beaches and ocean waves to my love of the great outdoors.

And all that outdoorsiness shows up in the things I've been creating. It's been fun to watch different ideas expand and grow from inside my head to on my paper and into my computer. And now they can be printed out and framed in your home! Yay!

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